Client for Open Enterprise Server Administration Guide

  Client for Open Enterprise Server Administration Guide
    Overview of the Client for Open Enterprise Server
      Features and Benefits
      Rebranding Changes
      How the Client for Open Enterprise Server Differs from the Novell Client for Windows XP/2003
      Features Not Included in the Client for Open Enterprise Server
    Advanced Installation Options
      Understanding the Basic Client Installation (setup.exe)
      Understanding the Client Install Manager (nciman.exe)
      Using the Install.ini File
      Understanding Automatic Client Update (acu.exe)
      Selecting a Network Server Distribution Option
      Signing Requirements for the Client Installation
      Installing and Configuring Advanced Authentication Client
    Authenticating to a OES Network
      Windows Credential Providers
      Client for OES Credential Provider
      Logging in When eDirectory and Windows Credentials Are Not Synchronized
      Changing Passwords
      Advanced Authentication Credential Provider
    Setting Client Properties
      Setting Properties During Installation
      Setting Properties on a Single Workstation after Installation
      Setting Properties on Multiple Workstations after Installation
    Managing File Security
      Checking File or Folder Rights
      Changing Trustee Rights
      Adding a Trustee
      Removing a Trustee
      Combining Multiple Trustees
    Managing Passwords
      Creating Strong Passwords
      Displaying Password Requirements for End Users
      Using Forgotten Password Self-Service
      Setting Up Passwords in Windows
    Security Considerations
      Security Features
      Known Security Threats
      Security Characteristics
      Other Security Considerations
    Managing Login
      Setting Up Login Scripts
      Setting Up Login Restrictions
      Customizing the Client Login
      Setting Up the Computer Only Logon If Not Connected Feature
      Logging In to the Network
      Logging Out of the Network
      Setting Up Login Profiles
      Setting Up LDAP Contextless Login and LDAP Treeless Login
      Configuring 802.1X Authentication
      Enabling AutoAdminLogon
      Enabling TSClientAutoAdminLogon
      Setting Up Single Sign-On (SSO)
      Setting Up NMAS Based Windows Logon
      Troubleshooting Service Location Protocol (SLP) Configuration
      Setting up Service Account eDirectory Login
    Documentation Updates
    Legal Notices