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Filr 3.4


Important: Filr 3.4 is available as an online update to Filr 3.0, MySQL 3.0, and Filr Search 3.0 appliances or later. For more information about applying the Filr 3.4 updates, see Applying the Filr 3.4 Update.

Filr delivers state-of-the-art file services in the easiest and most powerful way available, with full enterprise-level security. Filr lets end users discover and access files from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, and then share them with anyone, as allowed by corporate-defined roles and policies.

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Getting Started view last update
Filr 3 Release Notes    02/06/2019
Understanding How Filr Works    06/21/2018
Planning view last update
Planning and Deployment Best Practices   
Planning and Deployment Worksheets (ods)
Planning and Deployment Worksheets (xlsx)
Planning and Deployment Worksheets - Sample
Installing, Deploying, Upgrading view last update
Filr 3 Installation, Deployment, and Upgrade Guide    06/21/2018
Access Manager (NAM) and Filr Integration    06/21/2018
Simplifying Filr Deployments with File Reporter and Storage Manager
Administering, Maintaining, Tuning view last update
Admin UI Reference    06/21/2018
Maintenance Best Practices    06/21/2018
Tuning Best Practices    06/25/2018
Running End-User Apps view last update
- User Access Guide    06/21/2018
- Mobile App Quick Start    09/25/2018
- Filr 3 Desktop Application Release Notes    10/23/2018
- Mac Guide    06/21/2017
- Windows Guide    06/21/2018
- Linux Guide    06/21/2018
Filr Plugin for Microsoft Office and Outlook Applications
- Using Micro Focus Filr with Microsoft Office and Outlook Guide    06/21/2018
Previous Releases view last update
Filr 3.3 01/2018
Filr 3.2 06/2017
Filr 3.1 02/2017
Filr 3.0 10/2016
Developer REST API Documentation view last update

The resources in this section are not official publications from a Support perspective; rather, they provide additional resources to encourage interaction and information exchange between Filr administrators and other interested parties.

Filr Community Resources view
Filr in Cool Solutions
Filr LinkedIn page

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