System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices Guide

  System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices Guide
    ZENworks Configuration Management: A Single Solution for Systems Management
      The Goal: Total Management, Zero Effort
      The Management Paradigm
      The Solution: ZENworks Configuration Management
      Additional ZENworks Products
    Performing Pre-Design Activities
      Perform a Business Assessment
      Perform a Technical Assessment
      Gather Other Critical Information
      Develop High-Level Design
      Develop Documentation
      Outputs from Pre-Design Activities
    Gathering Critical Information for Design Activities
      Design Criteria/Decisions
      Scalability of the Primary Server
      Scalability of Satellite Devices
      ZENworks Database
      Virtualization Considerations
      Ports Used by ZENworks Components
      Network Considerations
    Performing Design Activities
      Design Workshops
      Developing a Detailed Design
      Lab Testing and Validation
    Deploying ZENworks Configuration Management
      New ZENworks Customer
      Migrating from a Previous Version of ZENworks
      Pre-Deployment Planning
      Pre-Deployment Documentation
      Deployment Rules of Thumb
      Pre-Deployment Testing
      Wider Deployment
      Post-Deployment Documentation and Validation
    Best Practices for Deploying ZENworks on a Citrix Server
      Understanding the Need for Integrating ZENworks and the Citrix Server
      Gathering Critical Information for Design Activities
      Performing Lab Tests and Validation
      Deploying the ZENworks Configuration Management Agent on Citrix Server
      ZENworks Configuration Management Tuning Parameters
    ZENworks Services
      ZENworks Services
      Useful URLs
      Critical File Locations
      Logging Information
      Backing Up and Restoring the ZENworks Certificate Authority
    The ZENworks Configuration Management Architecture
      ZENworks Architecture Reference
      Detailed ZENworks Components Diagram
    Reference Materials
      Online Documentation
      Sample Business Requirements Survey Questions
      Sample Technical Requirements Survey Questions
      Extended Port Chart Including Port Usage
    Understanding the Performance and the ZENworks Login Process
      Supported Authentication Mechanisms
      Supported Directories for Authentication
      The Login Process
      Best Practices to Optimize ZENworks User Login Times
      Registry Keys and Configuration Files
      ZENworks Configuration Management Policies
      ZENworks Configuration Management Bundles
      Logging in to a Terminal Server or Citrix Environment
      Troubleshooting Login Issues
    Documentation Updates
      May 17, 2012: ZENworks 11 SP2
    Legal Notices