Tools Guide


Chapter 1    Main Designer

Main Designer keyboard shortcuts
Logging in
Setting preferences
Adding a database to use with SilverStream
Removing a database
Creating a new database
Connecting to a different server
Shutting down or restarting the server
Creating, saving, renaming, and deleting objects
Setting default pages
Using the Server and Java consoles
Backing up your data
Replicating databases
Using the Media Store
Using the Property Inspector
Using the Build command
Using source control

Chapter 2    Page Designer

About the Page Designer
Concepts you should know
HTML support
Using the Page Designer
Creating pages
Using the Component Gallery and the Component Palette
Including controls on your page
Creating validation rules for page fields
Working directly with HTML
Using advanced options for dynamic page behavior
Working with style sheets and JavaScript

Chapter 3    Form Designer

Concepts you should know
Form Designer keyboard shortcuts
Creating forms
Using the Component Gallery and the Component Palette
Including controls on your form
Including subforms and views in your form
Including images in your form
Using JavaBeans in your form
Using objects from a different database
Creating validation rules for form fields
Creating a full-text search form
Using the HTML Edit Control

Chapter 4    View Designer

About the View Designer
Creating views
Modifying views

Chapter 5    Table Designer

Concepts you should know
Table Designer keyboard shortcuts
Editing an existing table
Creating tables
Specifying the primary key
Creating and modifying columns
Creating validation rules for tables
Creating version tables
Setting table security
Making a table full-text searchable
Using Blobs and Clobs

Chapter 6    Relationship Designer

Concepts you need to know
Relationship Designer keyboard shortcuts
Accessing the Relationship Designer
Viewing relationships
Creating relationships

Chapter 7    Business Object Designer

Creating packages
Creating interfaces
Creating CORBA IDLs
Creating utility classes
Creating data source objects
Creating servlets
Creating table-triggered business objects
Adding objects to a package
Adding subpackages to a package

Chapter 8    JAR Designer

About the JAR Designer
Creating JAR files
Editing JAR files
Rebuilding JAR files
Publishing JAR files
Exporting JAR files
Importing JAR files
Creating Manifest files
Defining the Deployment Descriptor
Deploying EJB JARs
Modifying EJB JARs

Chapter 9    Deployment Plan Designer

About the Deployment Plan Designer
Specifying deployment information for the EJB JAR
Specifying deployment information for each EJB

Chapter 10    Expression Builder

Using the Expression Builder
Building queries
Building validation rules
Building security expressions
Building Link expressions
Building aggregate expressions

Chapter 11    Programming Editor

Concepts you should know
What you can do with the Programming Editor
Anatomy of the Java class file
Accessing the Programming Editor
Using an external editor
Specifying single-method view or whole-file view
Programming in Java mode
Programming with Simple Actions
Checking Java syntax
Saving objects
Testing your code
Printing your code listing
Debugging your code
Customizing the Programming Editor
Programming Editor keyboard shortcuts.

Chapter 12    SilverStream Debugger

Concepts you need to know
What you can do with the Debugger
Local and Remote Debugging
Using the Debugger
Launching the Debugger from the Programming Editor
Launching the Debugger as a standalone tool
Managing program execution
Analyzing the behavior of the application
Modifying your Java source code
Debugger keyboard shortcuts

Chapter 13    SilverStream Profiler

Concepts you need to know
What you can do with the Profiler
Using the Profiler
Launching the Profiler
Timing methods
Walking the heap
Analyzing monitor objects
Profiler keyboard shortcuts

Chapter 14    SilverStream Source Control

About source control
Using Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Setting up SilverStream Source Control
Adding items to Source Control
Working with objects under Source Control
Checking items out
Checking items back in
Performing a Get
Viewing item history
Disconnecting from Source Control

Chapter 15    SilverCmd Reference

About SilverCmd

Chapter 16    Full Text Search

What is full text search?
Installing SearchServer
Setting up your environment
SearchServer and SilverStream
Search types
Creating search queries

Chapter 17    The Lotus Notes Data Connector

How SilverStream integrates with Lotus Notes
Running the Lotus Notes DSO Wizard
About Wizard-generated objects
Binding to a Lotus Notes DSO
Working with document queries
Working with selection formulas
Deploying a Lotus Notes DSO

Chapter 18    The PeopleSoft Data Connector

SilverStream and PeopleSoft integration
Creating a PeopleSoft DSO
Invoking the PeopleSoft DSO
Deploying a PeopleSoft DSO

Chapter 19    The SAP Data Connector

How SilverStream integrates with SAP
Running the SAP DSO wizard
Building an example
What the wizard-generated objects do
Using forms and pages to access the DSO
Deploying an SAP DSO

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