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Designer 3.0.1 for Identity Manager

12 MB

Designer is an Eclipse-based tool that helps you design, deploy, and document your Identity Manager system. Using Designer's graphical interface, you can design and test your system in an offline environment, deploy the system into your production environment, and document all details of your deployed system.

The documentation listed below is for the Designer 3.0.1 release. See the Previous Releases section for documentation for previous Designer 3.0.x releases.


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Getting Started view size last update
Readme  html  05/05/2009
What's New  html  06/08/2009
Installation view size last update
Installing Designer  html   pdf  14 MB 05/28/2009
Upgrading Designer  html   pdf  14 MB 05/28/2009
Administration view size last update
Introduction to Designer  html   pdf  2 MB 06/01/2009
- Designer Concepts  html 
- Getting Help  html 
- Workspaces, Perspectives, and Views  html 
- Editors, Builders, and Wizards  html 
- Planning Identity Solutions  html 
- Appendixes  html 
Administration  html   pdf  14 MB 05/28/2009
- Creating a Project  html 
- Creating a Model  html 
- Configuring Objects in Designer  html 
- Managing Identity Manager Versions  html 
- Managing the Schema  html 
- Managing the Flow of Data  html 
- Creating and Managing Policies  html 
- Setting Up E-Mail Notification Templates  html 
- Importing into Designer  html 
- Documenting Projects  html 
- Using Entitlements  html 
- Scheduling Jobs  html 
- Deploying and Exporting  html 
- The Novell XML Editor  html 
- Tools  html 
- Editing Icons for Drivers and Applications  html 
- Version Control  html 
- Setting Preferences  html 
- Troubleshooting Designer  html 
- Appendixes  html 
Policy Guides            
- Understanding Policies  html   pdf 
- Policies in Designer  html   pdf 
- Novell Credential Provisioning Policies  html   pdf 
- Identity Manager DTD  html   pdf 
Previous Releases view size last update
Designer 3.0 07/21/2008
- Readme  html 
- Guides  zip  11 MB
- What's New  zip  10 MB

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