GroupWise Engine Error Codes

0xxx Engine Error Codes

Range: 000x

0001 Invalid encryption block
0002 Unexpected error
0003 Encryption password failed verification process
0004 Encryption password too long
0005 Unexpected error
0006 Unexpected error
0007 Unexpected error
0008 Unexpected error

8xxx Engine Error Codes

Range: 81xx

8101 Memory error

Range: 82xx

8200 File I/O error
8201 Access to file denied
8202 Cannot access required file
8203 Cannot copy file or directory
8204 Disk full
8205 End of file
8206 Cannot open file
8207 Cannot locate file
8208 Cannot modify file
8209 Path not found
820A Cannot open any more files
820B Path too long
820D File too large
820E Cannot lock file
820F Cannot unlock file
8210 Cannot create path
8211 Cannot rename file
8212 Password incorrect
8213 Invalid file operation
8214 Unsupported encryption level
8215 Path root error
8216 Cannot encrypt or decrypt file
8218 Invalid path
8219 Cannot connect to remote network resource

Range: 85xx

8502 Cannot initialize protocol
8503 Cannot connect to specified IP address
8509 Cannot access TCP/IP services
850F Connection no longer valid
8555 Port in use
8562 Client/server request packet contained invalid identifier
8563 Client/server request packet contained invalid identifier
8568 HTTP port already in use
8569 SSL login required for this post office
8570 IMAP port already in use
8572 CAP port already in use

Range: 88xx

8809 Unexpected error
880B Unexpected error
880C Unexpected error

Range: 89xx

8901 Cannot use TCP/IP services
8902 Cannot load TCP/IP services
8903 Cannot use TCP/IP services
8906 Cannot use TCP/IP services
8907 Cannot use TCP/IP services
8908 Cannot connect to specified address
8909 Cannot use TCP/IP services
890A Cannot listen on specified port
890B Cannot accept incoming connection
890F Connection no longer valid
8910 Cannot read on connection
8911 Cannot write on connection
8912 Cannot read on connection; timed out
8913 Cannot write on connection; timed out
8916 Cannot use TCP/IP services
891A TCP/IP data is not ready for reading
891B No SSL certificate supplied
891C Bad SSL certificate
891D Bad SSL private key or password

Range: 8Bxx

8B02 Unexpected error

Range: 8Cxx

8C04 Unexpected error
8C09 Unexpected error
8C0A Unexpected error
8C88 Unexpected error

Range: 8Fxx

8F03 Invalid configuration option

9xxx Engine Error Codes

Range: 90xx

9007 Client not set up for SSL
9008 Server does not support SSL

Range: 93xx

9302 Unexpected error
9304 Unexpected error
9305 Unexpected error
9307 Unexpected error
9308 Unexpected error
9309 Unexpected error

Axxx Engine Error Codes

Range A0xx

A001 Unexpected error

Range: A5xx

A501 Unexpected error
A502 Unexpected error
A504 Unexpected error

Range: A6xx

A602 Unexpected error

Range: A8xx

A801 Auto-Date formula too long
A802 Auto-Date formula has incorrect syntax
A803 Auto-Date formula not specified
A804 Auto-Date formula generates too many occurrences

Range: AAxx

AA01 Unexpected error
AA02 Unexpected error
AA04 Unexpected error

Range: ACxx

AC01 Zipped file has unsupported version number
AC02 Zipped file has incorrect format
AC03 Zipped file damaged

Bxxx Engine Error Codes

Range: B3xx

B300 File transmission failed
B309 Port already in use
B30A No peer listening for connection

Cxxx Engine Error Codes

Range: C00x

C006 Record, key, or key reference not found
C007 Database error
C008 Database error
C009 Database error
C00A Database error
C00B Database error
C00C Field type mismatch
C00D Database error
C00E Invalid index number
C00F Invalid password

Range: C01x

C010 Database error
C011 Database being modified
C012 Database error
C013 Index full
C014 Database error
C015 Database error
C016 Database error
C017 Database error
C018 Database error
C019 Database error
C01A Database error
C01B Database error
C01C Database error
C01D Database error
C01E Database error
C01F Database error

Range: C02x

C020 Database error
C021 Database error
C022 Database damaged
C023 Database error
C024 Database dictionary damaged
C026 Database error
C027 Database error
C028 Database error
C029 Database version unsupported
C02A Cannot access database dictionary file
C02B Database error
C02C Database error
C02D Database error
C02E Database error
C02F Database error

Range: C03x

C032 Database error
C033 Database error
C034 Database error
C035 Database error
C037 Memory error
C038 Memory error
C03A Database requires newer version
C03B Database error
C03C Database error
C03D Unexpected error
C03F Database error

Range: C04x

C040 Database error
C041 Cannot open older version of database
C042 Database being
C043 Database error
C044 Database error
C045 Unexpected error
C046 Database error
C047 Database error
C048 Unexpected error
C04A Unexpected error
C04B Database error
C04C Database error
C04D Memory error
C04E Database error
C04F Database checksum error

Range: C05x

C050 Transaction aborted
C055 Unexpected error
C057 Database maintenance in progress; please exit
C059 Database file already exists
C05D Cannot open database file
C05E Unexpected error

Range: C06x

C060 Unexpected error
C061 Unexpected error
C062 Unexpected error
C063 Database error
C066 Unexpected error
C067 Database error
C068 Database error
C069 Database error
C06A Database error
C06B Database error
C06C Database error
C06D Database error
C06E Unexpected error
C06F Store number mismatch

Range: C07x

C071 Unexpected error
C072 Database error
C073 Unexpected error
C076 Unexpected error
C077 Unexpected error
C078 Unexpected error
C079 Unexpected error
C07A Unexpected error
C07B Database error
C07C Unexpected error
C07D Unexpected error
C07E Unexpected error
C07F Unexpected error


C080 Index not found
C081 Attachment missing

Dxxx Engine Error Codes

Range: D00x

D001 Unexpected error
D002 Folder not empty
D004 Database error
D005 Settings field list is not valid
D006 Unexpected error
D009 Cannot use group name in distribution list
D00A Syntax error in address
D00B Missing closing quotation mark (")
D00C Unexpected error
D00D Cannot match parentheses
D00E Distribution list contains nested groups
D00F Remote mail error

Range: D01x

D017 Too many users in address
D018 Unexpected error
D019 Password incorrect
D01A Password too long
D01B Access to GroupWise denied
D01C Remote mail error
D01E Cannot execute rule
D01F Archive path not specified

Range: D02x

D020 Rule caused infinite loop
D021 Cannot deliver message
D022 Database creation in progress
D023 User ID expired
D024 Rule cannot forward, reply, accept, or delegate personal item
D025 Users not specified
D026 Missing opening brace in distribution list
D027 Missing closing brace in distribution list
D028 Lost attachment
D029 Recipient not specified
D02A Name for group not specified
D02F Database error

Range: D03x

D030 Missing post office number for status
D039 Missing attachment
D03F Database error

Range: D04x

D040 Cannot delete folder used in rule
D041 No recipients in post office
D043 Inconsistent distribution list
D044 Auto-rebuild disabled
D049 Error reported from Novell NDS
D04A Unexpected error
D04B Unexpected error
D04F Unexpected error

Range: D05x

D050 Cannot connect to specified post office
D051 Cannot connect to specified post office
D054 Cannot connect to specified post office
D055 Cannot connect to specified post office
D057 Cannot connect to any post office
D058 Version mismatch on GroupWise client/POA/post office
D059 Recursion limit exceeded during delivery
D05A User database access denied
D05B User has invalid DS_GUID; login failed
D05C Possible data corruption in the domain database
D05D Post office intruder lockout is enforced
D05E Message size exceeds limit
D05F Box size limit exceeded

Range: D06x

D060 Message size exceeds threshold limit
D061 Status denied to external Internet user
D062 Busy Search denied for external Internet user
D065 Attempt to purge item that has not been backed up
D066 Attempt to purge an item from a user that has not been backed up
D069 Attempt to open invalid backup location
D06B LDAP failure detected
D06C LDAP authentication not supported for this platform
D06E Lockout of older GroupWise clients being enforced
D06F This GroupWise client doesn 't match the user 's license

Range: D07x

D071 LDAP authentication failed because the password has expired
D072 Changing the LDAP password has been disabled
D073 Attempting to log in trusted without SSL
D074 Invalid key for trusted application
D075 Invalid IP address for trusted application
D076 Missing trusted application name
D077 The problem file is being rebuilt
D07F Unexpected error

Range: D10x

D101 User not found
D102 Ambiguous user ID
D103 Post office not found during login
D104 Ambiguous post office
D105 Directory Services data missing
D106 Database error
D107 Record not found
D108 Unexpected error
D109 Bad parameter
D10A Unexpected error
D10B Database needs to be repaired
D10C Unexpected error
D10D Cannot open any more mailboxes
D10F Database error

Range: D11x

D110 Unexpected error
D113 Open database maximum exceeded
D114 Group not found
D115 Database error
D116 File not database
D117 GroupWise version too old
D118 Database error
D119 Unexpected error
D11B Too many items in mailbox
D11C Cannot use group name
D11D GroupWise version newer than database

Range: D12x

D124 Access to user denied

Range: D20x

D201 Unexpected error
D202 General printing error
D204 Calendar has password
D205 Cannot import calendar file

Range: D50x

D502 Unknown task encountered
D503 Unknown data type encountered
D506 Security violation
D507 Administrator record not found in database
D508 Transaction failed

Range: D70x

D701 Unexpected error
D704 Unexpected error
D705 Unexpected error
D706 Unexpected error
D707 Unexpected error
D708 Directory entry record not found
D709 Unexpected error
D70A Memory error
D70B Database inconsistency detected
D70D Unexpected error
D70E Duplicate entry in database
D70F Unexpected error

Range: D71x

D710 Incompatible platform
D711 Gateway engine error
D712 Post office currently disabled
D713 Database dictionary not found
D714 User database temporarily disabled

Range: D90x

D901 Unexpected error
D902 Unexpected error
D904 Unexpected error
D90A Unexpected error
D90B Unexpected error
D912 Cannot process message file

Range: DA0x

DA0C Incorrect DLL version
DA0D Cannot create directory in post office
DA0E Path to post office database not specified
DA0F Database error

Range: DA1x

DA10 Cannot read post office configuration information
DA12 Invalid application configuration name
DA13 /name switch required
DA17 /user and /password switches required for this configuration

Range: DB0x

DB01 Operation cancelled
DB02 Database access error
DB03 Operation pending; cannot modify
DB04 Owner not valid user
DB05 Invalid path
DB08 Non-unique name
DB09 User owns resource
DB0A Record not found
DB0B Required field empty
DB0C Cannot close database
DB0E Insufficient memory to initialize database
DB0F Domain not found

Range: DB1x

DB10 Post office not found
DB11 Unexpected error
DB12 Maximum number of objects per post office reached
DB16 WP Office 3.1 host already exists in specified directory
DB17 Domain already exists in specified directory
DB19 Local post office not found
DB1A Insufficient administrative rights to perform operation
DB1B Message Transfer Agent not installed
DB1C Invalid object name
DB1D Cannot delete post office
DB1F Cannot delete current domain

Range: DB2x

DB20 Unexpected error
DB21 Database inconsistency detected
DB23 Password incorrect
DB24 Invalid link
DB25 Duplicate domain name
DB26 Secondary domains exist
DB29 Invalid character
DB2A Invalid name
DB2B Non-unique entry
DB2C Invalid post office database
DB2D Platform error
DB2E Link record not found
DB2F Correct database type not found

Range: DB3x

DB30 Gateway directory not found
DB31 Required field missing or empty
DB32 Required field missing
DB33 Cannot open all post offices
DB34 Time zone definition not found
DB35 No pending operation for record
DB37 Cannot delete current domain
DB38 Cannot delete domain that has post offices
DB39 Domain database not found
DB3A Cannot delete domain that has links
DB3B Remote management message sent
DB3C Domain database in use
DB3D Database sorting language changed
DB3F Cannot delete required field

Range: DB4x

DB40 Cannot delete gateway used in link
DB41 Database does not match domain or post office
DB42 Information lost during recovery
DB43 Maximum number of open post offices reached
DB44 Invalid user ID
DB45 GroupWise system not found
DB46 Path too long
DB47 Invalid area
DB48 Cannot delete domain that has links
DB49 Cannot use limited visibility distribution list as administrator
DB4A External sync message from unknown system
DB4B Cannot delete Internet domain name that is still referenced
DB4D Database recovery required to update database structure
DB4E Cannot delete default gateway
DB4F Cannot delete POA that performs message transfer

Range: DB5x

DB50 Access to this library has been enabled by WebPublisher
DB51 Required network address information is missing
DB52 Required path information is missing
DB53 No message transfer POA has been selected
DB55 No POA is available for client/server
DB56 Specified e-mail address conflicts with the address of an existing gateway alias
DB57 Specified e-mail address conflicts with the address of an existing user
DB58 Specified e-mail address conflicts with an address from a post office alias record
DB59 This GroupWise administration version is older than the minimum allowed by the system administrator

Range: DExx

DE02 Cannot perform delayed action request
DE05 Unexpected error

Range: DFxx

DF10 Required file or directory missing
DF15 Records lost during rebuild
DF17 Cannot create required directory
DF1C Document storage area definitions are not identical
DF27 Invalid NGWCHECK.DB database migration level
DF28 Failure using the NGWCHECK.DB database

Exxx Engine Error Codes

Range: D50x

E501 Document version not available
E503 Unexpected error
E507 Unexpected error
E508 Unexpected error
E50A Unexpected error
E50B Unexpected error
E50C Unexpected error
E50D Maximum number of libraries per post office reached
E50E Unexpected error

Range: D51x

E511 Document version available
E512 Invalid user ID
E513 Unexpected error
E514 Document version must be checked out and in by same user
E515 Cannot delete last version of document
E516 Unexpected error
E517 Unexpected error
E51B Access to feature denied
E51C Disk space limit exceeded

Range: D52x

E520 Unexpected error
E521 Invalid library ID
E522 Library not empty
E523 Document not modified
E524 Document not available for synchronization to server
E525 Cannot delete lookup table; it is not empty
E526 Cannot delete lookup table; it is in use
E527 Cannot create library; record already exists
E528 Cannot transfer data to server
E529 All document blob areas full
E52A Document not available

Range: E7xx

E700 Invalid Address Book record
E716 Personal Address Book memory error

Range: E80x

E801 Unexpected error
E803 Unexpected error
E804 Unexpected error
E805 Unexpected error
E806 Unexpected error
E807 Unexpected error
E808 Unexpected error
E809 Unexpected error
E80C Unexpected error
E80D Unexpected error
E80F Unexpected error

Range: E81x

E810 Unexpected error
E811 Unexpected error
E812 Unexpected error
E813 Unexpected error
E814 Unexpected error
E815 Unexpected error
E816 Insufficient rights to perform operation
E818 Unexpected error

Range: E82x

E820 Invalid attribute value
E821 Unexpected error
E823 Unexpected error
E824 Unexpected error
E82B Unexpected error
E82C Unexpected error
E82E Unexpected error
E82F Unexpected error

Range: E84x

E848 Unexpected error

Fxxx Engine Error Codes

Range: F00x

F000 Memory error
F007 End of command reached unexpectedly
F008 Missing parenthesis in search command
F009 Missing operator in search command
F00A Switch at end of search command ignored
F00B Unknown switch in search command
F00C Ambiguous switch; supply more characters

Range: F01x

F010 Search cancelled
F012 File I/O error
F013 Database error
F014 Database error
F016 Database error
F018 Number contains non-numeric characters
F019 Search switch requires '=n '
F01A Document summary field name or number required
F01B Unknown field in search command
F01C Ambiguous field; supply more characters
F01D Empty quotation marks not allowed
F01E /nowildcard and /prefix cannot be used together
F01F Invalid syntax in search query

Range: F02x

F020 Date expected
F021 Dates of range in wrong order
F022 Missing switch after '/ '
F023 Word missing between operators
F026 Database error
F02A Search query must specify words to search for
F02D Missing word after operator
F02E Invalid date
F02F Word too long for search

Range: F03x

F030 Empty parentheses not allowed
F037 Memory error
F03E Memory error

Range: F04x

F045 Unexpected error
F046 File I/O error
F047 File I/O error
F048 File I/O error
F049 File I/O error
F04A File I/O error
F04C File I/O error
F04D File I/O error
F04E File not found during QuickFinder indexing
F04F File I/O error

Range: F05x

F050 Database error
F051 Database error
F052 Database error
F056 Database error

Range: F06x

F060 Database error
F061 Database error
F062 Database error
F063 Database error
F064 Database error
F065 Database error
F066 Database error
F067 Database error
F068 Database error
F069 Database error
F06A Database error
F06B Database error
F06C Database error
F06D Database error
F06E Database error
F06F Database error

Range: F07x

F070 Database error
F071 Database error
F072 Database error
F073 Database error
F074 Database error
F075 Database error
F076 Database error
F077 Database error
F078 Database error
F079 Database error
F07A Database error
F07B Database error
F07C Database error
F07D Database error
F07E Database error
F07F Database error

Range: F08x

F080 Database error
F082 Database error
F083 Database error
F084 Database error
F085 Database error
F086 Database error
F087 Database error
F088 Database error
F089 Database error
F08A Database error
F08B Database error
F08D Database error
F08E Database error
F08F Database error

Range: F09x

F090 Database error
F091 Database error
F092 Database error
F093 Database error
F094 Database error
F095 Database error
F096 Database error
F097 Database error
F098 Database error
F099 Database error
F09A Database error
F09B Memory error

Range: F0Ax

F0A1 Memory error

Range: F0Bx

F0B2 Memory error
F0B5 File I/O error
F0B9 Unexpected error
F0BA Database error
F0BB Database error
F0BC Database error
F0BD Database error
F0BE Database error
F0BF Database error

Range: F0Cx

F0C0 Database error
F0C2 Database error
F0C4 Database error

Range: F1xx

F101 Cannot connect to remote server
F102 Cannot connect to remote server
F103 Cannot connect to remote server
F104 Cannot connect to remote server
F105 Cannot connect to remote server
F106 Cannot connect to remote server
F107 Cannot connect to remote server
F108 Cannot connect to remote server