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Novell eDirectory is the most widely used identity foundation for managing internal and Web-based relationships between user identities, corporate assets, and security policies.

eDirectory, running on Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Solaris, NetWare®, and AIX, gives you the scalability to support business growth opportunities opened by the Internet and Web services and delivers the agility and capability necessary to support today's market-leading secure identity management solutions. Learn more about the product or download eDirectory for development.

Leverage eDirectory as a Web Service

DSML for eDirectory (SOAP) - DSML is an OASIS standard for representing directory information as XML elements. It provides your application a standard way to present and transfer directory information in XML format. The DSML v2 for Novell eDirectory contains a deployable Web archive (.war) that enables you to access eDirectory as a Web service using SOAP.

Novell Nsure UDDI Server - Allows businesses to register Web services and make them available to internal or external users. It leverages the security and management inherent in eDirectory and requires users (whether publishing or consuming services) to first authenticate to the directory and verify their identity. Equally important, those users, their access rights, and the registered Web services can be easily managed with eDirectory tools like Novell iManager, which are familiar to most network administrators.

Develop LDAP applications to access eDirectory

ActiveX Controls for Novell Services - Tap into eDirectory with LDAP and NDAP controls for ActiveX.

Beans for Novell Services - LDAP Beans includes Beans to manage Novell eDirectory via LDAP and Java. LDAP Command Beans provides easy-to-use Java components to integrate Web applications with net services. Previously known as eCommerce Beans.

LDAP Classes for Java and LDAP Libraries for C - LDAP Classes for Java allow you to write Java applications that access, manage, and update information stored in Novell eDirectory or other LDAP-aware directories on NetWare, Windows, UNIX and Linux. LDAP Libraries for C let you perform the same tasks in C on NetWare, Windows, AIX, Linux and Solaris.

LDAP Extensions and Controls for JNDI - Use LDAP and JNDI to access extended eDirectory functionality.

Develop using SQL tools

LDAP JDBC Driver - Enable Java programs to execute SQL statements to access Novell eDirectory.

ODBC Driver for eDirectory - Create reports showing user accounts, group memberships, and account balances contained in your directory, using standard tools such as Crystal Reports* and Microsoft* Excel.

Develop Using RAD Tools

ActiveX Controls for Novell Services - Tap into eDirectory with LDAP and NDAP controls for ActiveX.

Novell Script for NetWare - Use NSN with its pre-built components to access NetWare and integrate Novell eDirectory, Oracle, and Btrieve databases into your Web applications.

Perl for NetWare - Perl is an effective Web programming language that is especially useful for parsing files, generating reports and dynamic Web pages, and automating server tasks.

PHP for NetWare - PHP comes with a wide range of extensions for XML, LDAP, and various databases and is typically used in combination with the Apache Web server.

Develop using Native eDirectory APIs

eDirectory Libraries for C - Provides a comprehensive set of APIs for viewing, modifying, and managing directory components including: objects, attributes, replicas, partitions, schema syntaxes, events, and backup services.

Embedded LDAP Device Provisioning

Embed the power of eDirectory using LDAP and enable an incredibly wide range of non-computer devices, such as switches, routers, cell phones, modems, set-top boxes, or maybe a vending machines.

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