Retain 4.9.2: Archiving Guide

  Retain 4.9.2: Archiving Guide
    Getting Started with Retain Archiving
    Setting Up Pull-Based Archiving
      Understanding Retain Jobs
      Creating Modules
      Creating Workers
      Worker Servers
      Archiving Blackberry Server Data
      Archiving Bloomberg
      Archiving Exchange and Office 365
      Archiving Google Apps ( GSuite)
      Archiving GroupWise
      Archiving Social Media Governance (Deprecated)
    Setting Up Push-Based Archiving
      First, Configure the Retain Server or Router Connection
      Archiving Android Messages and Call Information
      Archiving AT&T Messages
      Archiving Blackberry Messenger Enterprise
      Archiving CellTrust Generation 2
      Archiving GBS Notes
      Archiving GroupWise Messenger
      Archiving Ionlake MyRepChat
      Archiving TeleMessage Messages
      Archiving UM Labs Messages
    Legal Notice