ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Software Distribution Reference

  ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Software Distribution Reference
    Basic Concepts
      Assigning Bundles to Devices vs. Users
      Packaging Considerations
      Dependency Bundles
    Creating Bundles
      Creating Directive Bundles
      Creating File Bundles
      Creating Imaging Bundles
      Creating Windows Bundles
      Creating Bundles by Using the zman Command Line Utility
    Managing Bundles
      Creating Bundles
      Assigning Existing Bundles to Devices
      Assigning Existing Bundles to Users
      Adding a Bundle to a Group
      Renaming, Copying, or Moving Bundles
      Adding System Requirements for a Bundle
      Copying a Bundle’s System Requirements
      Managing Bundle Settings
      Managing Bundle Variables
      Deleting a Bundle
      Editing Bundle Schedules
      Incrementing a Bundle’s Version Number
      Installing a Bundle
      Launching a Bundle
      Copying a Bundle to a Content Server
      Preventing a Bundle from Being Deployed
      Enabling a Bundle to Be Deployed
      Enabling a Bundle to Be Uninstalled
      Uninstalling a Bundle
      Understanding the Bundle Page
      Modifying Action Set Options
      Show Bundle Activity on the Managed Device
      Viewing the Predefined Reports
    Managing Bundle Groups
      Creating Bundle Groups
      Renaming or Moving Bundle Groups
      Copying a Bundle Group’s System Requirements
      Deleting a Bundle Group
      Assigning a Bundle Group to Devices
      Assigning a Bundle Group to Users
      Adding a Bundle to a Group
      Copying a Bundle Group to a Content Server
    Managing Folders
      Creating Folders
      Renaming or Moving Folders
      Deleting a Folder
    Managing Bundles by using the ZENworks Adaptive Agent
      Bundles vs. Applications
      User-Assigned vs. Device-Assigned Bundles
      Accessing Bundles
      Understanding Bundle Icons
      Launching a Bundle
      Postponing a Bundle Download
      Verifying a Bundle
      Viewing a Bundle’s Properties
      Uninstalling a Bundle
    Install, Uninstall, and Repair Parameters
      Install Parameters
      Uninstall Parameters
      Repair Parameters
    Authentication Hook
    Novell File Upload Extension
      Installing the Novell File Upload Extension
      Reinstalling the Novell File Upload Extension
    Bundle Schedules Types
      Date Specific
      Action - Apply Personality
      Action - Copy Directory
      Action - Copy Files
      Action - Create/Delete Directory
      Action - Delay
      Action - Display Message
      Action - Distribute Files
      Action - Edit INI File
      Action - Edit Text File
      Action - End Process
      Action - File Removal
      Action - Install Bundle
      Action - Install Directory
      Action - Install Files
      Action - Install MSI
      Action - Install MSP
      Action - Install Network MSI
      Action - Launch Bundle
      Action - Launch Java Application
      Action - Launch URL
      Action - Launch Executable
      Action - Launch Windows Thin Client Application
      Action - Prompt User
      Action - Reboot/Shutdown
      Action - Registry Edit
      Action - Run Script
      Action - Start/Stop Service
      Action - Store Personality
      Action - Terminate Application
      Action - Terminate Application Prompt
      Action - Undo Install Actions
      Action - Uninstall Bundle
      Action - Verify Bundle
      Action - Verify Install Actions
    Best Practices
      Changing the Look and Feel of the Start Menu on a Windows Vista Device
      Pinning Applications to the Start Menu on a Windows Vista Device
      Assigning Bundles to a Device or User
      ZENworks Explorer Folder Naming Convention
      Creating Bundles with Large Content
      Windows Macros
      Login Script Macros
      Novell eDirectory Attribute Macros
    Documentation Updates
      November 17, 2011: Update for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3.4)
      December 24, 2010
      November 22, 2010
    Legal Notices