Novell iFolder 3.9.2 Administration Guide

  Novell iFolder 3.9.2 Administration Guide
    Overview of Novell iFolder
      Benefits of iFolder for the Enterprise
      Benefits of iFolder for Users
      Enterprise Server Sharing
      Key Features of iFolder
      What’s Next
    What’s New in iFolder
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.9.2
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.9.1
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.9
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.8.4
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.8
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.7
      What’s New in Novell iFolder 3.6
    Planning iFolder Services
      Security Considerations
      Server Workload Considerations
      Naming Conventions for Usernames and Passwords
      Admin User Considerations
      iFolder User Account Considerations
      iFolders Data and Synchronization Considerations
      Management Tools
    Comparing Novell iFolder 2.x with 3.9
      Comparison of Server Features and Capabilities of 2.x with 3.9
      Comparison of Client Features and Capabilities of 2.x with 3.9
      Comparison of Web Access Features and Capabilities of 2.x with 3.9
    Prerequisites and Guidelines
      File System
      Enterprise Server
      NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.8
      Active Directory
      Novell iManager 2.7
      Client Computers
      Web Browser
    Installing and Configuring iFolder Services
      Installing iFolder on an Existing OES 11 Server
      Deploying iFolder Server
      Configuring the iFolder Web Access Server
      Configuring the iFolder Web Admin Server
      Configuring the iFolder Enterprise Server with Active Directory as an LDAP source
      Installing the Novell iFolder 3 Plug-In for iManager
      Recovery Agent Certificates
      Accessing iManager and the Novell iFolder Web Admin
      Provisioning Users, Groups and iFolder Services
      Distributing the iFolder Client to Users
      Using a Response File to Automatically Create iFolder Accounts
      Updating Novell iFolder 3.9.x
      Updating Mono for the Server and Client
      Uninstalling iFolder Enterprise Server
      What’s Next
    Migrating iFolder Services
    Running Novell iFolder in a Virtualized Environment
      What’s Next
    Clustering iFolder Servers with Novell Cluster Services for Linux
      Prerequisites for Clustering iFolder Services
      Installing Novell Cluster Services for Linux
      Configuring iFolder Servers on a NCS for Linux Cluster
      Updating Cluster Shared Pool Load and Unload Scripts
      Managing Cluster Resource for iFolder
      Sample Load Scripts for iFolder Clusters
      Sample Unload Scripts for iFolder Clusters
      Sample Monitor Scripts for iFolder Clusters
    Managing an iFolder Enterprise Server
      Starting iFolder Services
      Stopping iFolder Services
      Restarting iFolder Services
      Managing the Simias Log and Simias Access Log
      Backing Up the iFolder Server
      Recovering from a Catastrophic Loss of the iFolder Server
      Using TSAIF to Back Up and Restore the iFolder Store
      Recovering iFolder Data from File System Backup
      Moving iFolder Data from One iFolder Server to Another
      iFolder Data Recovery Tool
      Changing The IP Address For iFolder Services
      Securing Enterprise Server Communications
    Managing iFolder Services via Web Admin
      Accessing the Novell iFolder Web Admin
      Connecting to the iFolder Server
      Managing Web Admin Console
      Managing the iFolder System
      Managing iFolder Servers
      Securing Web Admin Server Communications
    Managing iFolder Users
      Provisioning / Reprovisioning Users and LDAP Groups for iFolder
      Searching for a User Account
      Accessing And Viewing General User Account Information
      Configuring User Account Policies
      Enabling and Disabling iFolder User Accounts
    Managing iFolders
      Accessing the iFolders Details Page
      Viewing The iFolder Details
      Searching for an iFolder
      Managing iFolder Members
      Managing an iFolder
      Managing iFolder Policies
      Enabling and Disabling an iFolder
    Managing an iFolder Web Access Server
      Starting iFolder Web Access Services
      Stopping iFolder Web Access Services
      Distributing the Web Access Server URL to Users
      Configuring the HTTP Runtime Parameters
      Securing Web Access Server Communications
    Troubleshooting Tips For Novell iFolder
      On Upgrading the Server from OES 2 SP3 to OES 11, iFolder Fails to Function
      iFolder Client on MAC Fails to Reconnect to the iFolder Server after Sleep
      iFolder Slave Server Fails to Configure and Reports a 401 Unauthorized Error
      iFolder Post Install on an Upgraded Server Might Result in Failure to Access iFolder Server
      iFolder Server Configuration Fails on Upgrading to OES 11 SP1 server
      Uploading of Files is Possible Only if the Secondary Administrator Sets the Disk Quota
      Reprovisioning Users From One Server to Another Results in Creation of Duplicate Entries of iFolders for the Reprovisioned User
      iFolder Does Not Support Spaces or Dots in the Admin DN and User Container DN
      iFolder Deletion Leaves an Empty Directory on the Server
      No Auto Upgrade For the iFolder Mac Client
      Menus for the iFolder Client on Mac are Inconsistent with Menus on Windows and Linux
      Unable to Create a New Account After Deletion of a Previous Account
      The iFolder Icon Is Not Updated Automatically on SLES and SLED 11
      Delta Sync Is Not Supported for Encrypted iFolders
      The namcd Services Must Be Running While Changing the Proxy User Password by Using Common Proxy Script
      The iFolder Web Admin Alias Name Does Not Support Spaces
      iFolder Configuration Fails at Random
      Setting Up the NSS file System Trustee Rights
      Login to Web Admin and Web Access Console Fails with an Error Message
      iFolder Full Restore Using nbackup fails to restore in a Cluster Environment
      Exception Error When Datapath on Server is not Mounted
      Temporary files are getting synchronized as actual files
      Web Admin Console Fails to Start Up
      Login to the Web Console Fails
      The OES Common Proxy User Password is Not Always Compliant with the Password Policies
      Enabling a Large Number of Users at the Same Time Times Out
      Changes Are Not Reflected After Identity Sync Interval
      Synchronizing a Large Number of Files Randomly Requires Multiple Sync Cycles
      iFolder Data Does Not Sync and Cannot be Removed from the Server
      Samba Connection to the Remote Windows Host Times out
      Exception Error while Configuring iFolder on a Samba Volume
      LDAP Users Are Not Reflected in iFolder
      Directory Access Exception on Creating or Synchronizing iFolders
      Changing Permission to the Full Path Fails
      List of Items Fails to Synchronize
      Access Permission Error While Logging in Through Web Access
      Web Admin and Web Access Show a Blank Page
      Option to Start iFolder During System Login Does Not Work in the iFolder Client for SLED 11
      On running simias-server-setup, the setup fails while configuring SSL
      iFolder linux client fails to startup if the datapath does not have any contents
      Incremental Patch Upgrade Issue in a Multiple-Server Scenario
    Frequently Asked Questions
      iFolder 3.9 Server
      iFolder Client
      iFolder Administration
    Caveats for Implementing iFolder Services
      iFolder User Move
      Loading Certificates to the Recovery Agent Path
      Using a Single Proxy User for a Multi-Server Setup
      Slave Server Upgrade
      Slave Configuration
      Novell iFolder Admin User
    Decommissioning a Slave Server
    Configuration Files
      Simias.config File
      Web.config File for the Enterprise Server
      Web.config File for the Web Admin Server
      Web.config File for the Web Access Server
    Managing SSL Certificates for Apache
      Generating an SSL Certificate for the Server
      Generating a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for Testing Purposes
      Configuring Apache to Point to an SSL Certificate on an iFolder Server
      Configuring Apache to Point to an SSL Certificate on a Shared Volume for an iFolder Cluster
      Replacing the SSL Certificate for an iFolder Enterprise Server
    Product History of iFolder 3
      Version History
      Network Operating Systems Support
      Workstation Operating Systems Support for the iFolder Client
      Server Client Support
      Web Server Support
      iFolder User Access Support
    Documentation Updates
      January 2014
      August 2012
      July 2011
      December 2010
      June 2010
      August 2009
      October 2008
    Legal Notices