Filr 3.4 : Maintenance Best Practices Guide

  Filr 3.4: Maintenance Best Practices Guide
    Access to Filr—Maintenance Tasks
    Adding a Filr Appliance to an Existing Deployment
    Administrative Access Maintenance
      Adding or Removing Administrative Rights for Users and Groups
      Administrative Maintenance—Port 8443 Admins
      Simplifying Management through Administrative Groups
    Branding and Changing the User Interface
      Branding Desktop Apps (Advanced-Edition License Only)
      Branding Mobile Apps (Advanced-Edition License Only)
      Branding the Web User Interface
      Changing the Title of the People Page
    Desktop Application Maintenance
      Client Management Software and the Filr Desktop Applications
      Controlling File Downloads by the Filr Desktop Applications
      Desktop Application Installation Files—Location
      Desktop Application Software Management
      Enabling DesktopAccess for Users
      Synchronization-Traffic Management
    Helping Micro Focus Improve Filr
      Organizational Privacy Is Protected
      How Micro Focus Collects Product Improvement Data
      How Micro Focus Receives Product Improvement Data
      Submitting Your Product Improvement Ideas
    Hosting Desktop Application Installation Files on a Separate Server
    KeyShield Integration with Filr
      (Conditional) Allowing the Authorization Connectors to Access the API Key
      Configuring Filr for KeyShield SSO Support
      KeyShield Attribute Alias Support
      Configuring Two-Factor Authentication
      Downloading and Installing the KeyShield SSO SSL Certificate
      Testing the KeyShield SSO Configuration
    Using Multi-Factor Advanced Authentication with Filr
      Prerequisites for Using Advanced Authentication with Filr
      Configuring OAuth2 Event in Advanced Authentication Server Appliance
    Language Settings
      About the Filr Site Default Language
      Changing the Language on the Login Page
    Migrating the Filr’s MySQL Database to Microsoft SQL
      Configuring the Existing Microsoft SQL Database Server
      Connecting to the MySQL Database Server
      Connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server
      Customizing Data Types
      Migrating the Database Schema
      Migrating Data
      Running Post-Migration Scripts
      Post-Migration Steps
      Modifying Liquibase Tables
    Mobile Device Management
      Key-Value Pairs
      Configuring ZMM to Manage the Filr App
      Configuring MobileIron to Manage the Filr App
      Managing Mobile Devices with Filr
      Enabling Debug Logging
      Monitoring with Ganglia
      Monitoring File Meta-Data Synchronization in a Filr Cluster
      Monitoring the Indexing Process
      Monitoring User Access, including the Guest User
    MySQL—Backup and Restore from the Command Prompt
    Net Folder Maintenance
    Notification (Email) Customization
    Search Index Maintenance
      Optimizing the Lucene Index to Improve Search Performance
      Maintaining Your High Availability Lucene Index
      Rebuilding the Lucene Index
      Audit Trail
      Backup and Restore
      Brute-Force Attacks and CAPTCHA
      Certificate Maintenance
      Comments and Security
      Database Communication Encryption
      Desktop Application Security
      DMZ Setup for Filr
      Downloads through Filr—Disabling
      Email Transfer Security
      File Server Security
      Filr Component Security
      Filr Data Security
      Filr’s Rights Model
      Filr Security Defaults
      Filr Site Security
      LDAP Synchronization Security
      Mobile Device Data Security
      NESSUS Scans
      Proxy User Security
      Security Scan Risk Reports
      Sharing and Security
      SSH Access for the Root User
      Universal Passwords (eDirectory) Security
      Users and Security
      WebDAV Support
      XSS Security Filter
    Storage Management
      Backing Up Filr Data
      Changing the CIFS /vashare Mount Point Login Credentials
      Configuring Home Folders for Display in the My Files Area
      Disk Usage Checks
      Personal Storage (My Files) Management
      Migration Fails to Modify the Owner Details and ACLs
      Configuring Filr Server Fails When Using NetApp ONTAP version 8.3.2 As a CIFS Vashare
      eDirectory Users Can Log In But Cannot Upload Files
      Email Notification URLs Are Not Working
      NetApp Net Folder Server Test Connection Fails
      Online Update Service Registration Fails With an Error Message
      Previously Available Files and Folders Disappear
      Unable to Connect to the Filr Site (HTTP 500 Error)
      Using VACONFIG to Modify Network Information
      Unable to Access Data on a DFS Junction In an OES Server Cluster Environment
    User and Group Maintenance
      Adding and Creating Filr Users and Groups
      Creating Groups of Users
      Deleting Filr Users
      Disabling Filr User Accounts
      Renaming a Filr User
      User Maintenance Task Links
      Group Maintenance Task Links
    A Simulation and Some Best Practice Sizing Recommendations
      Sample Filr Deployment Description
      Filr Appliances
      Index Maintenance—Just Let It Run
      Synchronization Best Practices
      Anticipating Disk-Space Growth
      The /var Mount Point
      Monitoring Commands and Tips
      Ganglia Graphs
    Legal Notice