Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Setup Guide

  Novell Access Manager 3.0 SP4 Setup Guide
    Setting Up a Basic Access Manager Configuration
      Understanding an Access Manager Configuration
      Prerequisites for Setup
      Creating a Basic Identity Server Configuration
      Configuring the Access Gateway
      Configuring the Access Gateway for Authentication
      Setting Up an Identity Injection Policy
    Configuring SSL VPN to Protect an Application
      Injecting the SSL VPN Header
    Enabling SSL Communication
      Identifying the SSL Communication Channels
      Using Access Manager Certificates
      Using Externally Signed Certificates
    Clustering and Fault Tolerance
      Installing Secondary Versions of the Administration Console
      Clustering Identity Servers
      Clustering Access Gateways
      Configuration Tips for the L4 Switch
    Setting Up Firewalls
      Required Ports
      Sample Configurations
    Setting Up Federation
      Understanding a Simple Federation Scenario
      Configuring Federation
      Sharing Roles
      Setting Up Federation with Third-Party Providers
    Digital Airlines Example
      Installation Overview and Prerequisites
      Setting Up the Web Server
      Configuring Public Access to Digital Airlines
      Implementing Access Restrictions
      Modifying the Digital Airlines Example
    Creating Novell Audit Queries
      Setting Up the MySQL Database
      Logging Events to the MySQL Database
      Configuring Queries
    Protecting an Identity Server with an Access Gateway
    Legal Notices