OES 2 SP3: Novell Cluster Services 1.8.8 Administration Guide for Linux

  OES 2 SP3: Novell Cluster Services 1.8.8 Administration Guide for Linux
    Overview of Novell Cluster Services
      Why Should I Use Clusters?
      Benefits of Novell Cluster Services
      Product Features
      Clustering for High-Availability
      Shared Disk Scenarios
    What’s New or Changed for Novell Cluster Services
      What’s New (May 2013 Patches)
      What’s New (April 2013 Patches)
      What’s New (January 2013 Patches)
      What’s New (September 2012 Patches)
      What’s New (January 2012 Patches)
      What’s New (November 2011 Patches)
      What’s New (August 2011 Patches)
      What’s New (May 2011 Patches)
      What’s New (April 2011 Patches)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP3)
      What’s New (June 2010 Patches)
      What’s New (January 2010 Patches)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP2)
      What’s New (OES 2 SP1)
      What’s New (OES 2)
    Planning for a Cluster
      Determining Your Design Criteria
      Using Cluster Best Practices
      Planning the LAN Connectivity
      Planning the Shared Storage Connectivity
      Planning the Shared Storage Solution
      Planning the eDirectory Deployment
      Planning for Shared Storage as Cluster Resources
      Planning for OES Services as Cluster Resources
    Planning for Novell Cluster Services
      Cluster Administration Requirements
      IP Address Requirements
      Hardware Requirements
      Xen Virtualization Environments
      Software Requirements for Cluster Services
      Software Requirements for Cluster Resources
      Shared Disk Configuration Requirements
      SAN Rules for LUN Masking
      Multipath I/O Configuration Requirements
    Installing and Configuring Novell Cluster Services on OES 2 Linux
      Novell Cluster Services Licensing
      Extending the eDirectory Schema to Add Cluster Objects
      Assigning Install Rights for Container Administrators (or Non-Administrator Users)
      Installing Novell Cluster Services
      Configuring Novell Cluster Services
      Configuring Additional Administrators
      Installing or Updating the Clusters Plug-in for iManager
      Patching Novell Cluster Services
      What’s Next
    Upgrading OES 2 Linux Clusters
      Requirements for Upgrading Clusters
      Upgrading OES 2 Clusters (Rolling Cluster Upgrade)
      Upgrade Issues for OES 2 SP1 or Later
      Upgrade Issues for OES 2 SP2
      Upgrade Issues for OES 2 SP3
    Upgrading OES 1 Linux Clusters to OES 2 Linux
      Supported Upgrade Paths from OES 1 to OES 2
      Requirements and Guidelines for Upgrading Clusters from OES 1 Linux and OES 2 Linux
      Upgrading Existing OES 1 Linux Cluster Nodes to OES 2 (Rolling Cluster Upgrade)
      Adding New OES 2 Linux Cluster Nodes to Your OES 1 Linux Cluster
      Modifying Cluster Resource Scripts for Mixed OES 1 Linux and OES 2 Linux Clusters
    Configuring Cluster Policies and Priorities
      Understanding Cluster Settings
      Configuring Quorum Membership and Timeout Properties
      Configuring Cluster Protocol Properties
      Configuring Cluster Event Email Notification
      Configuring Cascade Failover Prevention
      Viewing the Cluster Node Properties
      Changing the NCS Proxy User Assignment in the NCS_Management_Group
      Modifying the Cluster IP Address and Port Properties
      Moving a Cluster, or Changing IP Addresses, LDAP Server, or Administrator Credentials for a Cluster
      What’s Next
    Managing Clusters
      Starting and Stopping Novell Cluster Services
      Monitoring Cluster and Resource States
      Generating a Cluster Configuration Report
      Cluster Migrating Resources to Different Nodes
      Onlining and Offlining (Loading and Unloading) Cluster Resources from a Cluster Node
      Removing (Leaving) a Node from the Cluster
      Joining a Node to the Cluster
      Configuring the EVMS Remote Request Timeout
      Shutting Down Linux Cluster Servers When Servicing Shared Storage
      Enabling or Disabling Cluster Maintenance Mode
      Preventing a Cluster Node Reboot after a Node Shutdown
      Adding a Node That Was Previously in the Cluster
      Deleting a Cluster Node from a Cluster
      Creating or Deleting Cluster SBD Partitions
      Customizing Cluster Services Management
    Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources
      Planning for Cluster Resources
      Using Cluster Resource Templates
      Creating Cluster Resources
      Configuring a Load Script for a Cluster Resource
      Configuring an Unload Script for a Cluster Resource
      Enabling Monitoring and Configuring the Monitor Script
      Configuring the Start, Failover, and Failback Modes for Cluster Resources
      Configuring Preferred Nodes for a Resource
      Configuring Resource Priorities for Load Order
      Configuring Resource Mutual Exclusion Groups
      Controlling Resource Monitoring
      Changing the IP Address of a Cluster Resource
      Renaming a Cluster Resource
      Deleting Cluster Resources
      Additional Information for Creating Cluster Resources
    Creating and Managing Service Cluster Resources
    Configuring Cluster Resources for Shared NSS Pools and Volumes
      Requirements for Creating Pool Cluster Resources
      Guidelines for Using Pool Cluster Resources
      Creating Cluster-Enabled Pools and Volumes
      Cluster-Enabling an Existing NSS Pool and Its Volumes
      Configuring a Load Script for the Shared NSS Pool
      Configuring an Unload Script for the Shared NSS Pool
      Configuring a Monitor Script for the Shared NSS Pool
      Adding Advertising Protocols for NSS Pool Cluster Resources
      Adding NFS Export for a Clustered Pool Resource
      Mirroring and Cluster-Enabling Shared NSS Pools and Volumes
      Renaming a Pool for a Pool Cluster Resource
      Adding a Volume to a Clustered Pool
      Changing the Name Space for a Clustered NSS Volume
      Changing an Assigned Volume ID
      Expanding the Size of a Clustered Pool
      Deleting NSS Pool Cluster Resources
    Configuring and Managing Cluster Resources for Shared Linux POSIX Volumes
      Requirements for Creating Linux POSIX Volume Cluster Resources
      Gathering Information for Clustering a Linux POSIX Volume
      Creating Linux POSIX Volumes on Shared Devices
      Cluster-Enabling a Linux POSIX Volume on a Shared Device
      Verifying the Load and Unload Scripts
      Creating a Virtual Server Object for the Linux POSIX Volume Cluster Resource
      Sample Scripts for a Linux POSIX Volume Cluster Resource
      Expanding EVMS Volumes on Shared Disks
      Deleting Shared Storage
      Known Issues for Working with Cluster Resources for Linux POSIX Volumes
    Configuring Novell Cluster Services in a Xen Virtualization Environment
      Prerequisites for Xen Host Server Environments
      Virtual Machines as Cluster Resources
      Virtual Machines as Cluster Nodes
      Virtual Cluster Nodes in Separate Clusters
      Mixed Physical and Virtual Node Clusters
      Additional Information
    Troubleshooting Novell Cluster Services
      File Location Information
      Version Issues
      Diagnosing a Poison Pill Condition
      Diagnosing Cluster Problems
      Why did a resource not migrate to the node I specified?
      Error Bad XML: Cluster Search Times Out
      Error NFS Stale Handle Reported on Host when Cluster Failover Occurs
      A Device Name Is Required to Create a Cluster Partition
      Error 20897 - This node is not a cluster member
      Problems with Clusters Plug-In After Update for Novell iManager 2.7.5
      Cluster Resource Goes Comatose Immediately After Migration or Failover
      Error 603 - smdr.novell is not registered with SLP for a new cluster resource
      Migration Authentication Error Occurs when Connecting to a New Cluster Resource on the Target Server
      Cluster View Displays the Wrong Cluster Node Name
      NSS Takes Up to 10 Minutes to Load When the Server Is Rebooted (Linux)
      Could Not Delete This Resource Data_Server (Error 499)
      Problem Authenticating to Remote Servers during Cluster Configuration
      Problem Connecting to an iSCSI Target
      Problem Deleting a Cluster Resource or Clustered Pool
      Where Is the ‘Prevent Cascading Failovers’ Option?
      Is there a way to uninstall Novell Cluster Services from a server?
      Cluster Resource Is Stuck in "NDS Sync" or "eDirectory Sync" State
      Running supportconfig Concurrently on Multiple Nodes Causes Cluster Problems
      Nodes Reboot Randomly after January or March 2010 Updates
    Security Considerations
      Cluster Administration Rights
      Email Alerts
      Log Files
    Console Commands for Novell Cluster Services
      Cluster Management Commands
      Business Continuity Clustering Commands
      extend_schema Command
      SBD Utility
      ncs_ncpserv.py Script
    Files for Novell Cluster Services
    Comparing Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare
    Comparing Clustering Support for OES 2 Services on Linux and NetWare
    Documentation Updates
      December 4, 3013
      September 6, 2013
      August 6, 2013
      July 25, 2013
      May 2013 Scheduled Maintenance
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      April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance
      April 12, 2013
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      January 2013 Scheduled Maintenance
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      September 2012 Scheduled Maintenance
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      May 2011 Scheduled Maintenance
      April 2011 Scheduled Maintenance
      March 18, 2011
      December 2010 (OES 2 SP3)
      August 2, 2010
      June 2010 Scheduled Maintenance
      March 15, 2010
      February 19, 2010
      February 10, 2010
      January 29, 2010 (Maintenance Patch)
      January 20, 2010
      January 4, 2010
      December 15, 2009
      December 10, 2009
      November 2009 (OES 2 SP2)
      July 30, 2009
      June 22, 2009
      June 5, 2009
      May 6, 2009
      March 3, 2009
      February 3, 2009
      January 13, 2009
      December 2008 (OES 2 SP1)
      June 4, 2008
      May 2, 2008
    Legal Notices