GroupWise 2012 Windows Client User Guide

  GroupWise 2012 Windows Client User Guide
    Getting Started
      Installing the GroupWise Windows Client
      Starting GroupWise
      Assigning a Password to Your Mailbox
      Getting to Know the GroupWise Interface
      Exploring the Folder List
      Displaying the QuickViewer for Folder Items
      Using the Windows 7 Taskbar and Start Menu to Perform Key Tasks
      Using Panels in the Home Folder
      Understanding GroupWise Item Types
      Identifying Icons Appearing Next to Items
      Learning More
    Getting Organized
      Customizing the GroupWise Interface
      Using Categories to Organize Items
      Using Folders to Organize Your Mailbox
      Using Panels to Organize Your Home Folder
      Customizing Other GroupWise Functionality
      Sending Email
      Managing Sent Email
      Receiving Email
      Managing Received Email
      Printing Email
      Handling Unwanted Email (Spam)
      Understanding the Calendar
      Viewing Your Calendar
      Managing Your Calendar
      Sending Calendar Items
      Receiving Calendar Items
      Setting Calendar Alarms
      Sharing a Personal Calendar
      Subscribing to an Internet Calendar
      Publishing Personal Calendars on the Internet
      Sharing Your Free/Busy Schedule on the Internet
      Using the Multi-User Calendar
      Displaying Another User’s Calendar in Your Own Calendar
      Printing a Calendar
      Junking Calendar Items from Unknown Senders
    Tasks and the Tasklist
      Understanding Tasks
      Understanding the Tasklist Folder
      Using Tasks
      Using the Tasklist Folder
    Contacts and Address Books
      Understanding Address Books
      Understanding Contacts Folders
      Addressing Items
      Using Contacts Folders
      Working with Address Books
      Printing Labels and Lists from the Address Book
    Finding Items
      Quickly Finding Items in a Folder
      Finding Items Anywhere in Your Mailbox
      Using Advanced Find
      Finding Text in Items
      Comparing the GroupWise Find Methods
      Understanding Notify
      Starting Notify
      Using Notify
      Customizing Notify
      Being Notified of Someone Else’s Messages
      Sending an Alarm to an Electronic Pager
      Turning Off Notification
      Understanding Rules
      Actions a Rule Can Perform
      Events That Trigger a Rule
      Creating a Rule
      Editing a Rule
      Enabling or Disabling a Rule
      Running a Rule Manually
      Deleting a Rule
    Mailbox/Calendar Access for Proxy Users
      Understanding Proxy Access
      Granting Proxy Rights as a Mailbox Owner
      Protecting Private Items as a Mailbox Owner
      Becoming a Proxy User in Another User’s Mailbox
    Caching and Remote Modes
      Using Caching Mode
      Using Remote Mode
    POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      Understanding POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      Adding POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts to GroupWise
      Configuring POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      Using POP3 and IMAP4 Accounts
      POP3 Features
      IMAP4 Features
      Setting Up Newsgroups
      Working With Newsgroup Messages
      Working With Newsgroups
    RSS Feeds
      Subscribing to RSS Feeds
      Reading RSS Feeds
      Refreshing an RSS Feed
      Deleting an Individual RSS Entry
      Deleting a Subscribed RSS Feed
    Document Management
      Managing Your Documents in GroupWise
      Creating Documents
      Organizing Your Documents
      Importing Documents into a GroupWise Library
      Sharing Documents
      Viewing the History of a Document
      Checking Out Documents
      Opening Documents
      Checking In Documents
      Deleting Documents
      Copying Documents
      Saving Documents
      Storing Multiple Versions of a Document
      Managing Groups of Documents
      Viewing Documents When Your Network or GroupWise Is Unavailable
      Integrating GroupWise with Your Applications
      Returning Documents to the Library
      Replacing a Document with a Backup File
    Maintaining GroupWise
      Managing Non-Standard Login Requirements
      Managing Mailbox Passwords
      Archiving Email
      Using Mailbox Storage Size Information
      Using Remote Library Disk Space Management
      Backing Up Email
      Repairing Your Mailbox
      Managing Trash
      GroupWise Support Information
    Text Messages, Phone Calls, and Instant Messaging
      Sending SMS Text Messages
      Making Phone Calls
      Using Instant Messaging
    What’s New in the GroupWise 2012 Windows Client
      Appointment Enhancements
      Edit Enhancements for Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes
      Duplication Enhancements for Appointments, Tasks, and Reminder Notes
      Multi-User Calendar Enhancements
      Birthday and Anniversary Year
      Indexing and Search Enhancements
      Reply or Forward with Edited Attachments
      Share a Folder Tree
      Updated Spellers in the Windows Client
      Save As Dialog Box Enhancements
      SMS Text Messaging
      Skype Integrations
      Vibe Integration Enhancements
      Windows 7 Taskbar and Start Menu Integration
      Relevance Enhancements
      Additional View for Sent Item Properties
      Calendar Publishing Enhancements
    GroupWise Frequently Asked Questions
    Startup Options
      GroupWise Startup Options
      Using a GroupWise Startup Option
      GroupWise Language Codes
    Shortcut Keys
    Accessibility for People with Disabilities
      Configuring JAWS for GroupWise
    Documentation Updates
      September 20, 2012 (GroupWise 2012 Support Pack 1)
    Legal Notices