Filr 3.4.1: Administrative UI Reference

  Filr 3.4.1: Administrative UI Reference
    Administrative Consoles
    Administrative Access
      Assigning and Managing Port 8443 Direct Administrators
      Changing Passwords and SSH Access for vaadmin and root
      Logging In as an Administrator
    Access to Filr and Its Services
      Desktop Access—Default Settings
      Desktop Access—Individual Users and Groups
      Mobile Device Access—Default Settings
      Mobile Device Access—Individual Users and Groups
      Web Browser Access—Default Settings
      Web Browser Access—Individual Users and Groups
      KeyShield Configuration Settings
      NetIQ Advanced Authentication Configuration
      Reverse Proxy Configuration Settings
      Single Sign-On Access
    Filr Clustering Configuration
    LDAP Servers and Synchronization
      Installing/Updating the Filr License
      Viewing Filr License Details
    Logging and Monitoring
      Accessing Filr System Log Files
      Automatically Applying Deferred Search Logs
      Changing the Ganglia Monitoring Configuration
      Generating Filr-Monitoring Reports
      Logging All HTTPS Traffic
      Managing Audit Trail Logs of Database Activity
    Management Zones
      Managing Zones
      Adding and Modifying Zones
      Viewing Zones Information
    Net Folder Servers
      Creating and Managing Net Folder Servers
      Enabling Just-in-Time-Synchronization for Filr and eDirectory Rights Usage for OES and NetWare
      Proxy User Identities
    Net Folders
      Managing Net Folders
      Creating and Modifying Net Folders
    Net Folder System-Level Synchronization
      Enabling and Tuning Net Folder Synchronization
      Just-in-Time Synchronization
    Network Infrastructure
      Changing Network Settings
      Network Configuration
      Port Numbers
    Notifications (Email)
      Configuring an Email Service for Filr to Use
      Enabling Notifications
    Performance Tuning
      Changing Configuration Settings for Requests and Connections
      Changing JVM Configuration Settings
    Personal Storage and Home Folders
      Enabling Personal Storage for Users and Groups
      Managing and Restricting Filr-Based Storage
    Product Improvement
    Managing Uploading of Files
    Search and Lucene Indexing
      Managing Filrsearch Configuration Settings
      Managing the Lucene Index
      Managing Search Nodes
      Memcached (Search Index Appliance Only)
      Firewall Configuration
      Password Security (Local and External Users)
      Securing Memcached
      User Visibility
      Viewing, Wiping, and Disconnecting Registered Clients
      WebDAV Authentication Configuration Settings
      Managing Shared Items
      Managing Sharing, License Terms, and Comments
    SQL Database Connection
    Storage Management
      Expanding Storage
    Support Files and Online Updates
      Managing Field Test Patches
      Managing Online Updates
      Submitting Configuration Files to Micro Focus Support
    Changing System Services Configurations
      Managing System Services
      Shutting Down and Restarting the Micro Focus Appliance
    Time and Locale
      Changing the Appliance’s NTP Configuration
      Setting a Default Time and Locale for Non-LDAP and External Users
    UI Controls and Customizations
      Email Notification Template Customization
      HTML Rendering of Non-HTML Files
      Branding the Desktop Apps (Advanced-Edition License Only)
      Branding the Mobile Apps (Advanced-Edition License Only)
      Branding the Web Client
      UI Language
      Name Completion Settings—Managing How Group Names Display in Drop-Down Lists
    Users and Groups
      Managing Users
      Managing Groups
    Integrating Microsoft Office and Outlook with Filr
      Managing Office Settings
      Managing Outlook Settings
    Legal Notice