Micro Focus File Reporter 3.6 Administration Guide

  Micro Focus File Reporter 3.6 Administration Guide
    What’s New
      New in Version 3.6
      New in Version 3.5
      New in Version 3.0
      New in Version 2.6
      New in Version 2.5
      New in Version 2.0.2
      New in Version 2.0.1
      New in Version 2.0
      Micro Focus File Reporter
      How File Reporter Works
    The Administrative Interface
      Supported Browsers
      Launching the Administrative Interface
      Using the Administrative Interface
    Performing Setup Procedures
      Enabling Other Identity Systems
      Viewing Storage Resources
      Assigning Proxy Targets
      Configuring Notifications
      Integrating with File Dynamics or Storage Manager
    Scheduling and Performing File System Scans
      Adding a Scan Target
      Removing a Scan Target
      Creating Scan Policies
      Establishing a Baseline Scan
      Clearing a Baseline Scan
      Editing a Scan Policy
      Deleting a Scan Policy
      Scheduling Scans
      Editing a Scheduled Scan
      Clearing a Schedule on a Scheduled Scan
      Conducting an Immediate Scan
      Viewing Scans in Progress
      Retrying Failed Scans
      Viewing Scan Data
      Viewing Scan History
      Troubleshooting a Failed Scan
    Generating File System Reports
      Changing Your Cover Sheet Branding
      Changing the Report Data Font
      Built-in Report Types
      Directory Data Reports
      Permissions Reports
      File Data Reports
      Historic Comparison Reports
      Trending Report
      Custom Query Reports
      Unformatted Reports
      Micro Focus File Dynamics and Storage Manager Policy Reports
      Scheduling Reports
      Editing a Scheduled Report
      Clearing a Schedule on a Scheduled Report
      Copying a Report Definition
      Viewing Reports in Progress
      Troubleshooting Reports
    Content Scanning and Reporting
      Creating File Content Classifications
      Creating File Content Categories
      Creating Search Patterns
      Creating Job Definitions
      Viewing Jobs in Progress
      Viewing Scanned Data Jobs
      Viewing Search Results
      Viewing AgentFC Configuration Registrations
    Performing Other Administrative Tasks
      Stopping and Restarting Services
      Using Folder Summary
      Considerations for Reporting on NAS Devices
      Changing the Default Path for Stored Reports
      Changing the Life Span of Stored Reports
      Resetting the Proxy User Password
    Using the Report Viewer
      Use the Report Viewer
    Using the Client Tools
      Launching the Analytics Tools
      Using the Dashboard
      Using the Tree Map
      Using the Pivot Grid
    Using Report Designer
      Using the Report Designer Interface
      Creating a Custom Query Report
      Designing a Custom Query Report
      Saving the Layout as a Template
      Using a Saved Template for Custom Query Reports
      Filters Tab
      Single Entry Filter Conditions
      Multi-Condition Filtering
    Security Settings
      Rights and Privileges on Scanned Storage
      Firewall Requirements
      Local Security Authority Rights and Privileges
      Proxy Rights Group
      Windows Clustering through Proxy Agents
    Log File Locations
    Agent Scan Capabilities
      Server Platform and NAS Device Support
      File System Metadata
      Security Scans — Active Directory File Systems
      Security Scans — eDirectory File Systems
      Volume Free Space Scans
      Other Microsoft Supported Features
      Current Limitations
    Documentation Updates
      November 27, 2018
      July 2, 2018
      July 19, 2016
      August 5, 2015
      April 27, 2015
      October 7, 2014
      February 18, 2014
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    Legal Notices