Retain 4.9.2: Configuration and Administration

  Retain 4.9.2: Configuration and Administration
      Rules Configuration Page
      Connecting Retain and the Message Router
      Retain Message Router Configuration Page
      Retain Message Router Console
      Storage Manager
      Stubbing Server
      Mailbox Mapping Options
      GroupWise Disaster Recovery Integration
    Server Configuration
      Communications Tab
      Index Tab
      Storage Tab
      Accounts Tab
      Maintenance Tab
      Logging Tab
      Miscellaneous Tab
      Module Forwarding Tab
      REST API Tab
      Digital Certificates Tab
      Account Linking
      Device Management Overview
      Mobile Device Management
      Blackberry Device Management
      System Log Option (Overview)
      Auditing Option (Overview)
      Deleting Data
      Litigation Hold
    Reporting and Monitoring Server
      Installing a Reporting and Monitoring (R&M) Server
      Configuring the R&M Server
      Reporting and Monitoring Administration Console
      Defining, Scheduling, and Managing Retain Reports
      Retain’s Reports
    About Retain
      About and Diagnostics Page
      Retain Component Licensing
      LGPL – GNU Lesser General Public License
      BSD License – Individual Component Licenses
    Legal Notice